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Behind the scenes 


Creating under VIAMARIE  (aka Via Marie Studios) since 2002



Equipment: Leica, Hasselblad, Pentax, Nikon 

MakeUp & Hair Artist (CA licensed since 1994)

Pin Up/Retro & Fetish Wardrobe Styling    


  Music/Video Production/Film 


 I am a Vietnamese-American self taught photographer born in Nha Trang, Vietnam during the Vietnam War. My father was a drafted solder from Los Angeles and was able to move us back to CA in1972 where I grew up most of my life.


 Mesmerized by old Hollywood movies, music videos and fashion magazines since I was a little girl, I was known as the "Artist" throughout school. Raised to be seen and not heard, I found myself emerged in the goth, new wave and punk scene of the early 80's which abled me to find my voice and expression through my own unique style and art.


 By the time I was a teenager, I new what I wanted to do and soon I started out as a makeup and hair artist with the intentions of working on film and print. Eventually I turned my focus on producing my own shoots after being mentored by a couple of photographers who wanted to help me pursue my own visions of glamour meets fetish and soon became known as a one woman army doing it all from the set, makeup, hair, wardrobe and photography. 


 After 20 years, I've carried a large body of work left mostly unseen. My work has been featured and seen published in calendars, coffee table books, magazines, TV shows and music videos.  Clients throughout the years span from a wide range of companies, celebrities, pinup models, rockstars and even a First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush. I'm looking to exhibit and continue to explore my portfolio.


 Join me today on celebrating 20yrs of VIAMARIE and visit the online shop.


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